Custom pillow brings much needed comfort to a grieving dog


Grief is one of the most challenging things we have to go through as humans. Well, it’s no different if you’re a dog or a whale even. Take, for example, the dogs in our story today — one of whom ended up with a much-needed custom pillow. You see, dogs feel grief as deeply as we do.

Here’s their story:


We want you to meet Spencer and Rocky. For ten long and blissful years, they did everything together. The two dogs ate, slept, played, and took their walks together.

Image from Beth Fisher via The Dodo

According to their mom, Beth Fisher, Rocky, and Spencer were inseparable.

“They had never spent a night apart,” said Beth.


Unfortunately, Rocky started acting strangely, so Beth took him to the Vet. Once there, the Fisher family got the terrible news — Rocky had a cancerous tumor.

en Image from Beth Fisher via The Dodo

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the vet told Beth it was far too late to operate. Sadly, she had to have Rocky put down that day at the vet.


Of course, we’re never ready to lose our pets. However, losing one of our fur babies that suddenly is traumatic for everyone. As it turned out, Rocky’s death was especially hard on Spencer.

Image from Beth Fisher via The Dodo

“Since Rocky passed, Spencer has been getting up in the night to wander the house looking for his brother,” Fisher said. “And then he starts crying because he can’t find him.”

Beth placed Rocky’s ashes above the spot where the brothers used to sleep together. Sadly, that wasn’t quite enough, and Spencer was severely depressed.


So, after some thought, the Fisher family came up with an idea. They ordered a custom pillow for Spencer with Rocky’s photograph on the front.

Image from Beth Fisher via The Dodo

Immediately, Spencer laid down with his new pillow.

Image from Beth Fisher via The Dodo

“Spencer has been cuddling into the pillow since it arrived, carrying it from the sofa to his own bed,” said Beth. “He seems a lot more settled now he’s got something to cuddle into.”

Image from Beth Fisher via The Dodo

While we’re sure that Spencer still misses his brother very much — we’re also delighted the custom pillow seems to help a little bit.

Share this article with your friends, and let’s get some positive thoughts and prayers sent Spencer’s way.

Featured Image from Beth Fisher via The Dodo

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