Cute Cats You Truly Need In Your Day: Try Not To Laugh!

When it comes to try not to laugh videos, cats seem to get us every time. Why? Because of their natural comedic timing?

Chances are, the cute overload has something to do with it…beside the fact that no other animal can make a pickle appear to be a dangerous predator while demanding the very best in life.


Try Not To Laugh – Or Don’t

The entire point of a try not to laugh montage is just that: watch the video, hold in the laughter, you win.

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Of course, this is one of those great win-win kinds of competitions; if you lose, you really win. If you win, you still get to watch the fun videos, so you still win.

One of our very favorite characters out there in the cat world is the Ragdoll cat.


Its huge eyes, rounded head, and tiny, impossibly short legs make it funny just by existing. When they do anything at all, they become hilariously cute — we want to cuddle them all!

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Cat News Networks

Cats are also a boredom buster, that is, when people get bored we like do weird things like make a cat news broadcast with all kittehs. In the following news broadcast, we find out that a cat athlete may face the loss of her medals due to …catnip!

Getting Down to the Rub: Even Cats Love Watching Cats

No one should feel bad about needing some cats in their life. Watching kitties seems to be a pass time that is well-loved, even by cats themselves. As you’ll see in the video below, this kitten has no reservations about loving seeing itself on the big screen — big to the cat anyway.

Take Away Until Caturday

No matter your favorite breed of cat, from Maine Coon, to Sphinx, cats are a great go-to for when you are feeling down. Did you make it through the “try not to laugh” video without reacting?

Chances are you didn’t, because we didn’t. And, laughter being the best medicine, that’s why we passed this set of cute and funny cat videos on to you. They’re all new today, and you deserve to laugh!

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