Cute panda baby cannot let go of this special toy, he's adorable

Young children often have a favorite toy or object that never leaves their side. Often times if you try to take it from them, they freak! These toys can be used to distract children. For example, if a kid is getting their teeth cleaned, the dentist will play with the toy to distract them from what is really going on. Apparently, Pandas are not too different. A Panda by the name of Xiao Liwu loves his special toy, and zookeepers use it to their advantage.

Xiao Liwu is an adorable Panda cub. He lives at the San Diego Zoo. During a routine checkup, zookeepers distracted Xiao Liwu with a green ball. But it was not too soon after that the cub became immediately attached to the toy. Once he started playing with it, he could not stop! The video below shows how the cub holds onto the toy for dear life.

After a long period of playing with the ball, the zookeepers needed him to let go of it in order to measure him. This was a huge struggle because of his strong grip. Eventually, the zookeepers pried the ball out of the sweet panda’s hands. Xiao Liwu became a bit fussy. Once they laid him on his back they gave him some bamboo to chew on. Finally, the zookeepers measured Xiao Liwu.

Incredibly, the checkup was all done without any notice from the cub. The usage of the toys as distraction helped ease the sometimes painful process. Because of the ball, Xiao Liwu barely even noticed his examination! That is a job well done by the zookeepers!

If you are interested in learning more about Xiao Liwu the Panda and his special toy then watch the video below. It is going to entertain you. Also, make sure to like this post, and share it with friends!

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