Cyclist Rescues Kitten, She Can't Stop Thanking Him For Saving Her Life It's Adorable

Dressed the part of a superhero in his bicycle uniform, a professional bicyclist from Brazil, Viitor Fonseca, was on his bike out for a workout when a kitten all alone on the side of the road needed his help.  It would have been easy for many people to just pass the little cat by.  To keep on peddling down the road. But Viitor was not many people. He is a man who showed compassion.  This small creature didn’t have much of a chance of survival on its own.

Without a vehicle other than his bike, Viitor did what had to be done to transport the kitten along, and that was to place him in his shirt.  This video has taken the internet by storm.  Both rider and kitten are delightful to watch.

Viitor with his charming smile and the kitten as cute as can be as he licks Viitor’s neck and tries to get his attention by playing with him as they travel along for 6.2 miles to his place.

Viitor shared the video on Facebook and wrote:

“Saving a little life today.” He also explained that “I’m glad that he liked me and was not clawing me.  All he did was play.”

Now safe from being stranded and possibly left to die or be hit by a car, Viitor didn’t stop there. He reported that he has found the little guy a loving home.

Viitor is a modern-day good Samaritan, taking some time out of his day to help a kitten in need while making a world of difference to the little tabby.  We are so glad he took the time to video the rescue now we can all see how adorable this kitten was on the ride.

The video below has now gone viral with many admirers of both the kitten and his Savior.

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