Dad reads Greyhound a spooky story before bedtime, her reaction is absolutely adorable

If you like a good scary story, stay tuned. But if you are afraid of scary stories, don’t go anywhere unless you are afraid of guava melons, and Chihuahuas. This is the story of Emma the Italian Greyhound who gets totally enraptured by a good scary story as her dad tells it.

Telling scary stories to Emma has been a ritual that goes on with her dad and her. In the video, Emma gets all comfy and settles in to listen to her dad’s story. Because there are some scary parts for Emma when her dad says guava melon and chihuahua, he makes sure to comfort her. His loving hands pet her throughout the story.

Emma’s whimpers, vocalizations, and facial expressions are adorable. Why she gets excited about this story, her dad explains, “This is a game we play with our Italian Greyhound, Emma. She is a sweety. She is also totally spoiled as my wife says (she blames me for the spoiling). For some reason, certain words make her ‘roo’. Her main words are Guava Melon, Chihuahua, and MAMA. Also if you make like Pavarotti and sing opera she will go off. (Pretty much anytime I sing she starts howling.) So I made a little Halloween story for her. She got extra treats for this.”

Take a peak and watch as Emma reacts to the story her dad tells her.

Emma passed away August 11, 2016. This video was taken in 2003. As a result, it has been shared and enjoyed by many. Above all, her family adored her and gave her a wonderful life. Her human dad wrote in the text part of the YouTube video,

“Rest in Peace, my sweet Iggy Girl. Back in 2003, our home was blessed with a sweet little Italian greyhound puppy that would steal our hearts and change my life. She soon had me completely wrapped around her little paw and we would share so many adventures together. She was an amazing girl. Never mean and always loving. Wanting a treat for everything and I loved to spoil her.”

He went on,

“My family and I are so grateful for the time we had with our Iggy Girl, ‘The Rock Goddess’ Emma the Italian Greyhound. After a rough week and many tears we knew it was time. Emma passed away gently and loved, wrapped in one of her favorite blankies in my arms with Mommy at our side on Aug 11, 2016. I whispered a song that I would often sing to her as she went over the bridge to be with her Golden sister Maggie. She was laid to rest by a magnolia tree wrapped in her favorite blankie with her favorite squeaky toy.” In conclusion, Emma’s dads said, “A part of my heart is gone but I have so many wonderful memories with my Iggy Girl.”

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