Deaf & Blind Bunny Finds A Best Friend At Shelter, Now The Two Are Inseparable, Too Cute

There is an old saying that goes  “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” This couldn’t be truer of two unfortunate bunnies that found themselves homeless at an animals shelter.

The rabbits named Bramble and Buttons did not arrive together but instead were surrendered to the shelter from different people. They were most likely scared and lonely as animals surrendered to shelters often are. Bramble is a 5-year-old dwarf lop while Buttons is a 6-year-old Himalayan.

Rabbits can be territorial and don’t always get along but that wasn’t the case for these two. It didn’t take long for the shelter to discover that they had become best friends. “Buttons and Bramble are inseparable. Neither could cope without the other, but Buttons would be completely lost without Bramble at his side.

“Buttons is deaf and partially blind and also has brain damage, so Bramble looks after him.” reports Miriam Battye, Small Animals Supervisor at the shelter.

Bramble has become not only a great companion for Buttons but also helps with his disability. “Bramble makes sure Buttons can navigate his way around and is always alert for danger. She helps to keep them both safe,” Battye explains.

This duo not only make great companions for each other but they are also sweet bunnies who staff that deal with them believe would make great companions for the right home.  “They are really happy bunnies. Both will make the right owner just as happy as they make each other,” Bettye said.

The shelter realizes that the bunnies need each other and would like them to get adopted together. If you’d like to consider adopting these adorable and sweet bunnies, you can contact the Raystede Centre for Animals Welfare here.

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