She Adds Deaf Dane To Family, She Quickly Realizes These Two Besties Are Inseparable

Echo is a beautiful white Great Dane.  Sweet, smart and loving.  But Echo is also hearing impaired. While no big deal to some Echo was going to be put down by his family. Then Marion Dwyer entered her life at just the right time.

Marion was hoping to add a 3rd Great Dane to her household.  When she found out about Echo, she knew she was the one. Without hesitation, Marion adopted the gentle giant.

Everyone in the family loves Echo.  Though it is Jennie, Marion’s daughter who is has developed the most special bond with him.  Jennie is just 17 months old, yet the two are inseparable.  Marion calls the dynamic duo “sisters.”

Apparently, Echo feels just as strongly about Jennie as the little girl feels about him.  When out and about if another dog is near, Echo will get between Jennie and the other dog as if to be protecting her.

Fast Friends From the Beginning

This relationship started very early on.  Marion explains, “Echo just seems to have always taken to Jennie, even before she was born.  She always snuggled up to my baby bump and wanted to rest her head on it.”

Little Jennie understands that Echo is different. She knows that Echo can’t hear and has learned to communicate with her differently than she does for the other 2 Great Danes in their family.   “Jennie now knows we use hand signs to communicate with Echo and is starting to mimic them,” Marion said.

Jennie and Echo enjoy spending lots of quality time together.  “Jennie loves to walk Echo, who has learned that Jennie’s pace is a lot slower than mine, which she enjoys as she can do two of her favorite things: sniff things and people-watch,” Marion said.

Makes my heart melt. What sweethearts!

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