Deer Rescued From Being Tangled, Later It Returns With The Most Riveting Thank You

Gratitude is such an important action. It helps us to stay positive and remember the people or events that make our lives more abundant.  Gratitude, when expressed to others, makes that person feel appreciated and valued.  Being thankful isn’t only a human feeling. Animals can also feel gratitude. If you ever had a dog or cat come up and give you a lick of friendship, they too are expressing gratitude.

When residents of a community called 911 to report a deer with debris on his horns, Officer Kevin Zieschang was assigned to the call.  Zieschang showed up and with help, set the deer free.  After being set free, the deer didn’t appear to want to leave.  Even after being scared off, the deer came right back.

Two days after setting the deer free, while Zieschang was being interviewed, the deer, now named Uncle Buck showed up out of nowhere, appearing to want to thank his rescuer.  As Uncle Buck photo bombed the interview, the television cameraman asked Zieschang, “Is that the deer right there?”  Zieschang turned to look over his shoulder, sounded surprised and replied, “As a matter of fact it is!  Well, that’s perfect timing right there, isn’t it?  He came back to see me.”  The deer doesn’t just make a cameo.  Uncle Buck walks right into the interview and licks the officer’s hands.

Uncle Buck seems to show no natural fear of humans which unfortunately can create some problems for him and possibly the safety of the community residents.  For his own sake, Uncle Buck has since been transported to an animal sanctuary where he will safely live out the rest of his life.

Enjoy this endearing video that shows gratitude is not just limited to humans.  The deer has since put smiles on many faces.

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