Deer Trapped in Mud – Man Reaches Down & Does the Right Thing

In a lifetime we face several struggles, challenges and more that make or break us. The same goes for animals. Unfortunately, it is a fact that animals might need more help to get over theirs. It takes a special type of human being to help an animal. That can be said for a group of men that happened to help a deer trapped in the mud. The mud was so thick she couldn’t even move. It looked like she had been trapped for some time.  Her ending could have been tragic if it hadn’t been for these me.

Deer trapped in mud struggles for life

Image via screencapture from Facebook video

When the men spotted her they could tell she was obviously tired and powerless. On top of that, she was afraid of them.  The task at hand wasn’t going to be easy, especially if they couldn’t approach her. Not once did they think of giving up, no matter the circumstances. Slowly, they approached.

“Hey, hey calm down.” One of the men tried to sooth her, reaching down to stroke her head.

The mud is so thick she can’t move. She struggled, tossing her head back and forth, trying to wiggle free. Another man spoke, “I think we can get in.”

Image via screencapture from Facebook video

The man in the green shirt, Billy, plugged both hands beneath the mud using a rope to tie around her. When he brings his hand out you can clearly see how thick the mud is.

“You’re gonna be okay buddy.” Billy said. “Look at me, you’re fine, you’re fine.”

All their hard work paid off

They struggled and was able to release the deer’s front legs. Unfortunately, she wanted out quick and was making herself sink back in. It took the strength of all three men to finally set this beauty free. And all their hard work paid off! She trots off and looks back for a quick second, giving them a silent thanks.

Image via screencapture from Facebook video

A good deed done for the day! Check out their heroic video below and let us know what you think.

Featured Image via screencapture from Facebook video

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