Devastated Family Sends Out Warning To All Dog Owners After Losing Their Dog


A family in the UK is devastated after their dog died from ingesting chewing gum containing xylitol. The accident happened when the dog picked the gum up off of the street. Their 3-year-old Golden Retriever/German Shepherd mix, Winston was rushed to the hospital but never was able to recover. The family was forced to put him down 2 days later. They hope that this can be a lesson about the dangers of artificial sweeteners to dogs.


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Kristy Lanyon, her husband Dave and 4-year-old daughter Amelia, have been so very sad over the loss of Winston.

“All dog owners need to be aware of the dangers of xylitol and how it’s in so many items just lying about your houses. Those brownies or cupcakes you made from a packet mix? Full of it. That pizza you got from the takeaway? Full of it. Your toothpaste, pasta, peanut butter, anything that says sugar-free it’s probably in there too. But it won’t be labeled xylitol, it’s labeled ‘sugar alcohol,’” Kristy said.


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Check Your Home For Artifical Sweeteners


Kristy said that Amelia,

“doesn’t quite understand. Hearing her ask over and over why Winston had to go to heaven is horrendous in ways you couldn’t imagine. In memory of our beloved Winston, check your cupboards, check everything you give your dog. And keep as close an eye on them as possible when out walking. We’d never heard of it, so when our boy started vomiting and then collapsed within 30 mins of getting home from his last ever walk, our last ever walk as a family of 4, we were clueless.”


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Kristy advised people what to do if their dog ingests xylitol. “If that happens, get them to an emergency vet as soon as possible as even then, like for Winston and us, it may already be too late,” she said.


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Kristin is hopeful that Winston’s death was not in vain. She hopes someone will learn from their tragedy. “Words actually can’t describe what it’s been like to lose him. But if we can raise awareness of the dangers of xylitol, it’s a small consolation,” she said.


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