Diabetic Cat Receives A Special Note from A Secret Admirer it's Unbelievable

Simba an 11-year-old cat with diabetes and serious neuropathy in all four paws which affected his mobility, making it difficult for him to walk. However, that didn’t stop Simba he quickly stole the hearts of everyone at the shelter as well as others.

And by others, we are referring to a “Secret Admirer”  who reached out to let  Simba know just how special he was.

Dear Simba,

I am writing to you on behalf of my sister who saw a story about you in a local newspaper, she wanted me to tell you that she thinks you are the HANDSOMEST cat she has ever seen. She fell in love immediately with your golden eyes and your beautiful fur coat.

When she read you are diabetic, she wished so much that she could give you a home because she too is diabetic. Unfortunately, she is very allergic to cats, so she can’t have a kitty of her own, but she wanted me to let you know that she is your admirer from afar.

We hope that your fantastic caretakers show you the front of this card, and read to you the praise from your devotee and hopefully, friend.

With Affection, Allergic Admirer

P.S. We both hope you find your perfect home soon! Wishing you a long and happy love-filled life. A.A.

Simba loves getting attention from his human friends and this letter made his day. He is waiting for his special person to take him home and love him forever( and encourage him to move more!)  Cats can also go into diabetic remission, meaning they no longer require insulin shots.

His Allergic Admirer hopes her letter will help Simba find a good home that he so deserves.

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