She Didn't Want Anymore Cats, These Two Need A Home Guess What She Does

Mary Fultz loves her 10-year-old tabby cat name Morty so much.  Like many doting animal parents, she posts almost daily photos of Morty on Facebook.  Life was good and complete with Morty as her only cat.  That is until one of Mary’s friend’s sent her a photo of two orange tabby shelter cats that looked like her Morty.

Mary Fultz

These Boys Had Me At Hello

Mary was not looking to add a cat to the family but after seeing the photo of the two cats, she went to the shelter to see them.  She proudly confesses, “These boys had me at ‘hello.”

Fredericksburg SPCA

The tabbys’ names were Fez and Kelso.  Though they got along with the other shelter cats it was easy to see that they were sad to be at the shelter away from their home.  Mary decided to give both of the boys the forever home that they deserved.

“We never pictured ourselves as a three-cat family, yet my husband Steve and I agreed that we needed to adopt both because they were brothers,” Mary explained. “When I got to the SPCA and told them I wanted to adopt them, they asked, ‘Are you sure you want them both?’ My eyes filled with tears and I choked out the words, ‘I could never separate them.’”

Thanks to Mary’s generous heart, Fez and Kelso will stay together.  They are already settled in and adjusting well to life at Mary and Steve’s house.  As for Morty though, “Of course Morty has his whiskers out of joint, but they are adjusting,” Mary said.

Fredericksburg SPCA

Mary would like to encourage others to think about adopting a senior cat. “I hope others will consider older cats,” she added. “It’s a bit harder adjusting to more litter boxes, food, and toys, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

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