Kids Learn It's OK To Be Different From This Bulldog, How He Teaches Them Is Inspiring.

Despite his many medical challenges, Stanley the English Bulldog spends his days helping people. Stanley was born with a bilateral cleft lip, cleft palate, and deformities in his back legs.  His owner was informed that his legs were not fixable.

He isn’t letting that stop him his main aim is to show children and everyone that it is OK to be different.  

Stanley Helps Children with Cleft Lips and Palates

Deborah, Stanely’s owner decided to have his cleft palate repaired but not the bilateral cleft lip.  Since his surgery, Stanley has used this as a way to advocate for disability acceptance.  To help Stanley visits schools around his Kansas City area to teach children about acceptance even when someone looks different.

Here he was involved in raising money for Smile Train, a cleft charity, that helps children receive medical support.  Stanley worked the kissing both to raise funds.  That would be a kiss well worth any amount of money!

Stanley Helps Stomp Out Bullying

With Stanley’s own disfigurements he helped with an Anti-Bullying Kids Carnival to plant seeds of acceptance in children.

Stanley Walks to support Disabled Children

Even though she was told that Stanley’s legs were beyond repair and that he would eventually need a wheelchair because of the deformities, in 2016 surgeons were able to reconstruct his legs.

Stanley walked to show his support to disabled children at Christmas.

“He did not walk for himself but for children like him, showing them he was there and he understood what they went through each day,” says Deborah.

Stanley’s Other Volunteer Positions

Stanley, works closely with the fire, police, ambulance, and sheriff departments, as well as the Mayors of each county he goes to, with each seeing the positive impact Stanley makes on children’s attitudes.

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