Disabled Puppy Drags Herself For Miles Looking For Help, It Was A Miracle She Made It Here

A puppy dropped off in the middle of nowhere, far from help found the strength to drag her body along to find help. This is a story of a great will and determination that can inspire us all.

The puppy now named Poppy dragged herself into a remote research camp in Botswana, South Africa.  Poppy’s back legs were not able to work correctly.  She used her front legs to drag her back side into the camp.  Poppy was transferred to the care of Amanda Stronza, director of the Eco-exist Project when she finally arrived at camp.

Stronza recalled, “The instant I looked in her eyes, I thought ‘OK, all of my energy is going to be focused on making sure this puppy is OK.’”  And that is exactly what Stronza did. She helped raise money for Poppy to have surgery on her spine. It’s unknown what caused the disability and if she will ever walk again.  Poppy went to a clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa after her surgery for physical therapy.  It was hoped that the therapy would make her hind legs grow stronger.

Beth Hastings, a good friend of Stronzas, saw Poppy and her story on Facebook. In addition to loving animals, she fell in love with the plight of this adorable puppy.  Hence, Hastings asked Stronza if she could adopt her. That was the beginning of a happy chapter in this sweet puppy’s life story. Hastings and her two daughters absolutely adore Poppy. They have welcomed her into their home with open and caring arms. Poppy is at no loss for hugs, pets, and affection since finding a forever home in the Hasting’s household.

Follow Poppy’s Story.

A Facebook Page has been set up for Poppy.  Click here if you’d like to follow Poppy’s story on Facebook.   Though Poppy is not yet walking on her own, she has yet to stop trying. Also, enjoy watching this video clip of Poppy’s story from when she was first found dragging herself down the street to her new life now.

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