Sweet pitbull never stopped wagging her tail even though she was discarded like garbage and left for dead


If you know someone who thinks Pitbulls are naturally dangerous dogs, share this with them. One very sweet Pitbull was left for dead and literally thrown in the garbage. She never let it get her down, though. You see, the poor girl was still wagging her tail so much, that’s what got her rescued in the nick of time. Here’s her story.


One sweltering day in Dallas, a Good Samaritan was wondering what that rhythmic tapping noise was. You see, he could hear it coming from outside, and he had no idea what it could be. So, he decided to investigate.

As he got outside, he realized the sound was coming from inside a large blue dumpster beside his building. He went over the investigate. As he opened the dumpster, he could see that there was a large box inside. The sound was coming from inside that box.


The site that greeted him as he opened that box, though, will likely never leave him.

As you can see, someone threw this sweet Pitbull away and left her for dead. If not for the actions of this man, it wouldn’t have been long before that turned true.

However, after the shock of her appearance, the man made an important discovery. The tapping sound he kept hearing was this sweet girl’s tail — it kept wagging even in the face of certain death and horrible abuse.


Immediately, the man knew who he should call. He got on the phone to Dallas DogRRR, a local dog rescue organization. Volunteers rushed to the scene, hoping it would be in time.

Good thing too, because they soon realized the girl needed medical attention right away. They loaded her in the car and took her to the emergency room.

sweet pitbull photo of volunteer carrying sally in a blanket to the car for treatment
Image from Dallas DogsRRR via Facebook

Of course, no puppy should go without a name. So, at the shelter, they named the sweet Pitbull Sally.


Once they arrived at the hospital, Sally got a thorough exam. In the end, the doctor’s diagnosed her with a high fever, dehydration, and chronic mange.

sweet pitbull closeup photo of sally's face with severe mange and bleeding
Image from Dallas DogsRRR via WeLoveAnimals

On top of that, though, Sally had a few other things wrong, as well. She was weak, and her paws were super swollen and in pain. She also had open wounds, and was bleeding. Sadly, the blood on the sides of the box was from her scraping to get out.


No matter what, though, the sweet Pitbull never stopped wagging that tail. All through the exam and afterward, wag, wag.

sweet pitbull photo of sally sitting on the floor after her exam wagging her tail
Image from Dallas DogsRRR via WeLoveAnimals

Sally had to stay at the hospital for a few days for observation.


After the sweet Pitbull recovered enough, they found her a foster mom, Patti. It was at that time that they discovered on top of wagging her tail, she is also very fond of kisses.

sweet Pitbull photo fo sally with foster mom giving her lots of kisses
Image from Dallas DogsRRR via Facebook

Finally, Sally was safe and loved by someone who would never throw her away.

sweet pitbull photo of foster mom holding sally and getting more kisses
Image from Dallas DogsRRR Via Facebook

The sweet Pitbull was so grateful, she couldn’t let anyone forget it and kept up the kisses nonstop.


Patti did an outstanding job with Sally. After a while, her hair grew in, and Patti’s tender love and care transformed her back into a shockingly gorgeous dog.

sweet pitbull photo of sally looking gorgeous sitting on leather easy chair
Image from Dallas DogsRRR via Facebook

We are certain her new family thought so too. You see, it didn’t take long at all for Sally to find a forever home. Now a healthy, happy, sweet Pitbull has a happy ending thanks to a good samaritan; the volunteers from Dallas DogsRRR, Patti the foster mom, and Sally’s new forever family.

Remember Sally the next time you hear someone talk bad about Pitbulls as a breed. You see, her behavior is not unusual for this breed. Share this story with someone that needs to learn the truth about this beautiful breed.

Featured Image from Dallas DogsRRR via Facebook (L) & Image from Dallas DogsRRR via Facebook (R)

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