She Discovers A Moving Trash Bag On Her Way To Work, What Was Inside Has Changed Her Life

Malissa Lewis of Harlan, Kentucky decided to take a different route to work one morning.  This one small decision has made all the difference in her life as well as in the life of a pretty special friend.

Lewis saw a black Hefty Trash bag moving around on the side of the road. She stopped her car to see what it was.  She noticed a tail hanging out of the bag.  When she opened the bag she was shocked at what she found inside.

“When I looked inside of it, it was just a little puppy that looked up. He was wagging his tail and he was just tickled to death,” Lewis said.

Because the pup had nowhere else to go, Lewis took the puppy home with her.  Then, she examined him for cuts or bruises but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.  He appeared completely healthy.  “Immediately we fell in love with him. I mean he’s precious,” Lewis said.   Hence, she decided right then and there to adopt the sweet pup.

She named the black puppy Hefty after the bag that he was found in.  Hefty immediately adjusted to his new family.  He’s always kept the happy go lucky attitude.  He is very loved by the Lewis Family and even gets to sleep in his human mom’s bed every night.

Lewis says she is very happy that she went a different way to work that morning. She feels that it was all supposed to happen the way that it did.

 “I absolutely think it was meant to be.  It was meant to be for him and it was meant to be for us too.”

When I hear stories like this it’s hard to not think of why someone would leave a puppy in a bag like this. But thankfully there are sweet and caring people out there.  Lewis not only rescued Hefty from immediate danger but she rescued him for life. Because of her Hefty was given a second chance.

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