Surrendered Shelter Dogs Refuse To Separate, Then Staff Snaps A Picture That Changes Their World

Lean on me,  when you’re not strong and I’ll be your friend. This is a famous line from an even more famous song (Lean on Me- Bill Withers). These dogs were leaning on each other when life got rough.

Apollo is on the left, Adonis is on the right.

German Shepherd best friends Apollo and Adonis were left with nothing but each other. The dogs grew up together and were surrendered to a high-kill animal shelter together.   The kennel only knew that their owners could no longer care for them.  Shelter staff had to put them in the same kennel because the two would not leave each other side, not even for a moment.  Staff at the rescue were heartbroken by the duo’s behavior.

You could tell they were really scared and just clung to each other for safety.

From the moment they were dropped off Adonis and Apollo would not stop comforting each other.  The staff could tell that both pups terrified by the way they were shaking in their new surroundings.

The staff at the shelter took pictures and posted them on the internet, where they quickly went viral. They were contacted shortly after the post by a no-kill animal rescue that wanted to take the friends in.

As the vet checked out the two he diagnosed them with heartworms, most likely the reason they were surrendered.  A basic treatment plan was started and they were cleared for adoption.

It only took a few hours until a woman applied to adopt both of them.  She was able to provide them with all the love, companionship and exercise they needed.

She drove the pups home to acres of land and 2 other rescue dogs they would have to play with.

Ready To Roll!  Time To Go Home…

Adonis and Apollo will be friends and stick together at their new forever home.  We wish them the best life has to offer.

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