Diver gets up close and personal with an adorable seal caught on camera


In 2014 a video was shared that quickly went viral.  The video showed a diver giving a seal a belly rub. Thanks to the Dodo, this video has since gained in popularity once again. Let’s take a peek into why its such a popular clip.


The footage shows diver Gary Grayson having an incredible encounter with an Atlantic gray seal. The encounter took place in Great Britain’s Scilly Isles.


The seal came right up to Gary and touched his nose. Some people may have panicked but Grayson enjoyed the moment. Grayson appeared to be just as curious as the seal. This all would have been more than enough to be an amazing encounter, but then something even more extraordinary happened.


After touching noses, the seal flipped over and indicated that he wanted a belly rub. “It really shows how sweet, curious and dog-like seals are,” Ally McMillan, CEO of Seal Rescue Island said.


Grayson has swum with many different large water animals. Some of those creatures included crocodiles, dolphins and even sharks. But the encounter that he treasures the most on video is the clip of him with the seal asking for a belly rub.


Grayson recalls,

‘I’m usually the one with the camera but when I saw everyone had taken a shine to this seal I said ‘you film, I want a go.’ I have been diving with seals before and had them buzzing around you before but I’ve never had one that stayed so close for that amount of time and was so friendly.”


“It was amazing and something I’ll never forget – I have the video on my phone now and watch it all the time. In fact, I’ve probably bored all my friends going on about it,” He said.


This almost seems too amazing to be true. Take a look for yourself to see this amazing moment.


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