Leaving your pets outside during the cold winter, could put you behind bars

Do not leave your animal outside during the harsh winter months because it is extremely cruel. Just like humans, animals should not be outside in the bitter cold. Authorities in multiple jurisdictions are acknowledging this. During the winter months, their goal is to eliminate animal cruelty by charging people with the awful crime for leaving their dogs alone outside for long periods of time.

Because Winter is not over yet, authorities and animal rights activist are pushing people to treat their pets better. A case of animal neglect recently occurred in Connecticut. Unfortunately, a woman left her dog outside for too long. He died because he froze to death. Sadly, this is not the only time this has happened. Another dog in Cincinnati died of similar causes. The police department shares,

“The dog was found in an outside dog house with no insulation. The dog was frozen to death due to the severe cold weather. Sheriff Jones would like to remind everyone that freezing to death is a horrible way for an animal to die.”

Another authoritative person in the animal world discussed the solution to this ongoing issue. The president of the Human Society of the United States comments,

“Dogs, cats and horses depend on our care, especially during life-threatening cold snaps. Take the animals in, or somehow provide a safe environment for them.”

Also, a Detroit rescue found a dog in a life-threatening condition. They posted,

“Trying to escape the frigid temperatures he curled up and crouched down, but even his underbelly and penis began to freeze. His feet are so painful he doesn’t want to stand.”

Moral of the story is not to let your dogs alone outside for long periods of time. They do not deserve to be exposed to the Winter weather. Please treat them like they deserve. Share this post to bring awareness to this sad common occurrence.

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