Doctor prescribes a new medicine to man fighting cancer–a puppy!

Russell Poole was in a battle with esophageal cancer. To make matters worse, Russell and his wife had just lost their beloved dog. One compassionate doctor agreed to Russell’s desire as he fought cancer.  She obliged to write him an uncommon prescription.

Russell had told his wife Vivian that he wanted to get another dog. Vivian was against the idea. With all of the time that Russell was at the doctor’s office, she believed a puppy was the last thing he needed. During one conversation Vivian said, “Well when Dr. Ben-Or prescribes you a dog, we get a dog.”

Russell had not let go of that thought and it did not take long for him to put a plan into action. The very next day, he needed a procedure that required him to be put under anesthesia. Before becoming unconscious, Russell said to his doctor, Dr. Ben-Or “I need a prescription before y’all put me to sleep.” Dr. Ben-Or asked, “Prescription for what?” Russell answered, “A  puppy.” The compassionate doctor without hesitation wrote out the prescription. She even asked him what breed he’d like the puppy to be. Russell responded, “It doesn’t matter, doc. I just want a puppy.”

Dr. Ben-Or went to talk to Vivian after the procedure. The doctor brought up that Russell asked for a puppy before he went under the anesthesia. Obviously touched by emotion, all Vivan could say was, “Ah, Russ!”

The Doctor’s Puppy Prescription Has Been Filled!

Russell’s plan worked. It wasn’t long after that prescription was written, that it was filled by a Labradoodle puppy that the couple named “Ben-Or Snickerdoodle Sto.” The first part of the name was given in honor of Dr. Ben-Or. The second part was for their favorite destination, Edisto Island. For short, they call the puppy, “Sto.”

Laughter may be good medicine and in this case, so is a puppy. A puppy is exactly what the doctor ordered. Check out this adorable video of Russell and his prescription puppy.

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