Dog Abandoned at Scotland Train Station: We Have a Pupdate!

You might remember the story of Kai; the Shar-Pei abandoned at a train station in Scotland. Well, we have an update for you. But first, let’s have a recap.

The Background

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One day, travelers at the Ayr train station in Scotland noticed a sad sight. Someone had abandoned a beautiful adult male Shar Pei mix at the station. They had tied him to a suitcase and left him there. Inside the suitcase was a collection of the dog’s belongings: a bowl, some food, a pillow, and a toy. The dog seemed friendly but confused. What was he doing there? When could he go home? He also appeared to be having problems with one of his eyes. Travelers wondered, who would leave such a beautiful and sweet dog?

It turns out; Kai was collateral damage in an internet sale gone bad. A woman had purchased a dog online. But when the seller came to deliver, he brought Kai, instead of the dog she had paid for. The woman tried to reason with the man, but he got in his car and drove away. So, she left this poor, confused dog there at the station with his belongings.

The Response

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Scotland is a nation of dog lovers. All across the countryside, herding dogs work alongside their families, helping to shepherd sheep and cattle alike. In the cities, dogs ride on buses and transport with their human companions and eat in the outdoor sections of restaurants. They are constant companions on hikes, walks, and trips to the park.

And the people in the Ayr train station that day were horrified that someone would abandon a dog like that, without a second thought. People snapped photos and put out pleas on social media. Others put out the word to rescue organizations. Finally, the Scottish SPCA came to take the dog, whom people had named Kai, to safety.

Our Pupdate!

As it turns out, Kai’s eyes needed surgery. And the Scottish SPCA made sure he had it. And when Kai had recovered, literally hundreds of people stepped forward to give him a home. Kai was spoiled for choice.

The lucky person who got to take Kai home turned out to be a man named Ian Russell.

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Russell, a hydraulic engineer, told the Scottish SPCA,

“When I heard about Kai I knew the little guy needed a break but I never thought in a million years I’d get him.

“I work all over Scotland, mainly outdoors, driving wherever I’m needed in my van. Kai will come with me and when it’s appropriate I’ll let him out to run around and play safely while I work. Then we’ll jump back into the van together and head to the next place. We’ll be able to hang out all the time.

“Being the one to rehome Kai is a bit like winning the lottery!”

Russell had recently lost his beloved elderly dalmatian Mica. He is thrilled to have a new companion. And it sounds like Kai will have an exciting life accompanying his new human on his journeys around Scotland.

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What to Do if You Find an Abandoned Pet

If you came across an animal on its own, what would you do? More importantly, what should you do? Here are a few tips.

First, make sure it’s abandoned.

In some places, like Scotland, letting dogs off leash is common. Just because a dog is off leash doesn’t mean someone has abandoned it. The owner might be nearby, and might not take kindly to someone they think is kidnapping their pet! If the dog looks lost or confused, however, or if they’ve been in the same place for a long time, it’s possible that someone has left them.

Then, keep yourself safe.

A dog on its own may not be abandoned but may be feral. Moreover, if a pet has been on its own for some time, it may have diseases or parasites. First, never approach an unknown animal in a way that it might consider aggressive. If an unknown animal bites you, the rabies injections you’ll have to get as a result are expensive and painful.

If you must approach the animal, first protect yourself with physical barriers like gloves, a coat, or a towel. Better yet, call authorities, like the Humane Society or the local Animal Control. Their employees know to deal with this situation safely.

If you rescue an abandoned animal…

If you end up taking an abandoned animal home, first take it to the vet as soon as possible. It’s important not to expose yourself, or your animals to diseases or parasites. The vet can also tell you about the animal’s general physical condition, and give you advice on how best to care for it.

Next, try to find the animal’s owner, because someone may be looking for it. Run classified ads. Put up notices at veterinary offices. And fill out a report with your local Humane Society or animal control.

Not all abandoned pets have a happy ending, but fortunately, Kai did. You can watch his story in the video below.

Featured Image is a screenshot from the featured video

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