Dog Abused Because Of The Way She Looks,Now Tiny Dog Sister Watches Over Her Every Day

Miss Piggy, a pit bull was born with a double cleft palate.  She was bred to be sold, but because of her condition, no one wanted her.  That’s when a sweet lady named Agnes asked if she could have her.  Initially, the breeder said no, he had a reputation of not being kind to animals. Eventually, he did let Agnes have her.

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Agnes raised Miss Piggy along with a Chiweenie named Happy.  The two dogs got along great and were living happily ever after in the loving care of Agnes. But sadly, Agnes fell ill and was about to be placed in assisted living.  She could no longer care for Miss Piggy and Happy so she reluctantly and sadly contacted a rescue called Rescue the Runaway. The rescue gladly took them in when they heard the story of why they were being surrendered.

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Elizabeth Frank, the founder of Rescue the Runaway explains,

“Typically, we don’t take ‘owner surrenders’ because nine out of 10 times, the owner is lazy and they decide they don’t want a dog anymore. But in this case, their former owner was getting sicker and sicker. It looks like she’ll end up in assisted living in the very near future, so she started working to find someone who would take her dogs. When we heard her story, we absolutely said ‘yes.’”

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Frank, however, could not figure out why Miss Piggy would act so shy and cower down when people approached her.  Frank knew that Agnes was a loving caretaker that would not hurt a dog.  So Frank called Agnes to ask more about the dog’s background.  Agnes cried tears of joy when Frank told her that both dogs were being put up for adoption together and would not be separated.  Then Agnes told the rest of the story of why Miss Piggy cowers down and takes so long to trust people.

Miss Piggy Will Never Forget

Anges cried as she told Frank the story of the day she got Miss Piggy from the mean breeder man. “He literally kicked the dog across the room at her,” Frank said. “She said his exact words were, ‘You can have this dog. I can’t sell her because her face is so f*cked up.’ When this little old lady tells me this, she starts crying on the phone. Then I start crying.”

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Miss Piggy has imprinted this terrible moment in her memories.  Frank and Agnes believe this is only part of the cruel treatment inflicted on Miss Piggy when she was a puppy.  Thankfully, once Miss Piggy trusts a person she is fine and doesn’t cower down in fear.

Mr. Bones and Company

The shelter believes that both dogs will make great pets in the right home.  Miss Piggy is a sweetheart and Happy is outgoing and fun.  The dogs need each other so they will only go to a home that is willing to take them both.

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