Pit Bull Dies From Horrific Injuries–Judge Serves Sweet Justice To Abuser


Back in 2013, national and even international media reported on a terrible case of animal abuse. Norfolk, Massachusetts investigators, discovered a pit pull on a playground. For the time being, they called her Puppy Doe. She was very close to death.

Later on, a police report indicated that Puppy Doe was, in fact, Kiya, named by Radoslaw Czerkawski, who had adopted her. Kiya’s case has since led to new, stronger animal welfare laws for Massachusetts.

Kiya was malnourished, tortured and abused, terrifying. She weighed half as much as she should have. Her owner’s abuse is unimaginably severe. Investigators found many fractures and stab wounds on Kiya.

Further, for whatever sick reason, Czerhawski had sliced her tongue. A representative of the Animal Rescue League said that “she appears to have undergone some kind of crude cutting to create a serpent-like split to her tongue.”

Somehow, the torture she’d received didn’t end there. Czerkawski had burned her nose and stabbed one of her eyes.

These extensive injuries were too much for little Kiya. There was no way to save her, as much as the rescuers wanted to.

Justice system prevails

The District Attorney of Norfolk indicated concern about the number of other potential victims Czerkawski may have had. He said, “It is highly unlikely that this level of sadistic cruelty could be shown to one animal and not be part of a pattern involving other animals or perhaps vulnerable people.”

Czerkawski was familiar with law enforcement – he had previously served three to five years for stealing $130,000 from an elderly woman. He was supposed to be caring for this woman but had failed to do so.

Thankfully, the judge was not kind to this animal abuser. The judge sentenced him to eight to ten years in prison, with an additional two years of probation.

However, it didn’t end there. The judge banned Czerkawski from ever having contact with animals again. Further, after his sentence, he will not remain in America. Officials will deport him to his homeland, Poland.

Kiya, “Puppy Doe,” has become the face of animal abuse. Many people have taken a stand and begun to pay more attention to instances of animal abuse. People are not more inclined to say that enough is enough, and it’s all thanks to Kiya, despite her tragic story.

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  1. Y is it most of animal abuse is to do with none english wot is the matter with u monsters did u not have enought lov from ur perants y take it out on a defenceless babie .. witch as looking at ger is a pitbull ment to be nasty dogs mmm bumans are nasty .. good for u judge ..

  2. Not enough time, let me have him for one hour, I would cut off his private parts and shove it up his ass, you get what you deserve. You are a piece of shot.

  3. I have to say I am tired of reading how cruel humans are to animals and just from the title and pictures this man deserves the same treatment he has done to this animal I know an eye for an eye is old but it sure needs to. be brought back with those kind of people rude out right ignorant . if you have anger issues do it to your self not an innocent animal and if the animal chewed up something of youra train it the proper way not the assinine way wich hopefully you get treated that way just to know how that innocent animal felt everytime you had done cruelty and death to it .. you are a punk and deserve to die the same way you make me sick

  4. I want to scrape the skin off his body and have bugs eat him alive, then burn what’s left for treating a sweet dog the way he did.

  5. Le persone che abusano degli animali devono assolutamente essere condannati tuteluamo questi animali ed insegnano loro a rispettarli

  6. He is a scum
    Bag I want done to him some of the things he did to that beautiful pup. Then I want him to spend
    25 years in prison then sent back to his country and I hope they make it real
    Hard on him.

  7. This poor poor dog at the hands of this sick sadistic thing. I hope they keep track on him in Poland. And I hope he gets the same treatment he did to animals and this elderly women. Rest in hell to that man.

  8. how can someone be so goodamm cruel It breaks my heart knowing that she suffered I hope one day he suffers the same way she did he a vile criminal scum I love animals so much and reading this has made me cry

  9. That is one sick bastard another jejjery dailmer i cant st crying this is the devil May you go straight to he’ll you heartless piece of shit

  10. That is one sick bastard another jeffery dailmer i cant st crying this is the devil May you go straight to he’ll you heartless piece of shit

  11. This excuse of a human should be tortured for days so he can feel what the dog felt. Pure evil.
    There’s a special place in he’ll for people like him.
    And they keep it extra hot!


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