Dog is unrecognizable when they found him, now he is the majestic canine he should be


Unfortunately for some animals, they spend their entire lives being abused. For Odin, this was the case.


Odin is an Alaskan malamute. When Southern Pines Animal Shelter and Southern Cross Animal Rescue of Mississippi found him, he most definitely did not resemble one.

The Rescue Malamute Funds Facebook page says, “Odin was involved in very severe neglect and abuse case. A concerned citizen called in about his condition as well as several other dogs condition at a property. The scene was like something out of a nightmare. Odin was clinging to life, severely underweight, with several skin infections, mange, intestinal worms, heartworms, and extremely broken teeth. He was hardly recognizable as a dog, much less a majestic malamute.”

Soon, a loving woman adopted him. So his life was about to turn around. Foster mom Schelkopf told The Dodo:


“He was emaciated, almost completely hairless, covered in wounds, with cracked and broken teeth, and incredibly weak. Odin had a putrid smell to him from his horrible skin infections. Basically whatever could be wrong, was with this poor guy!”

After being adopted, there was a lot to do in order for Odin to have a normal life after the abuse.


Another thing she adds,


“He sniffed around the whole house and kept looking back at me like, ‘What’s the catch?’ For weeks after I got him,

he would just lay in a spot. I couldn’t get him to play with toys or act like a ‘normal dog.”

Odin’s foster mom continues,

“He climbed onto the bed and just threw his bony body on me, looked up at me with such heartfelt eyes and sighed in such a loving embrace.”


Schelkopf also says

“He is currently undergoing heartworm treatment which has been a huge battle. We have our good days and our bad days.  We are going to do everything we can to get them as best we can!”

Look at this handsome guy now! What a difference, love can turn things around. Odin was lucky to be found when he was there was no way he could have survived much longer.


We love stories that end like this.  If you enjoy a happy ending as much as we do share this with your friends and family.

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