Dog Who Went Through Painful Cruelty Can’t Stop Kissing His Foster Mom


When the shelter got Legend, they saw he was in awful shape. Legend is two-year-old Labrador-basset hound mix and he lost both his ears and wounds covered his body. If he didn’t get help, Legend surely would’ve died.

They put Legend on an IV and fed him through a feeding tube. After a day at the vet clinic, they transferred him to a 24-hour clinic. For the first few days, volunteers weren’t sure if Legend would live.

Alexay and Legend

Alexay, a volunteer from the shelter, spend every day with Legend. At this point, she became quite attached to the sweet dog. Assuming he’d survive, Alexay agreed to foster him. She fell in love with him from the start.

“It was touch and go to see if he was going to make it, for at least the first few days,” O’Sullivan said. “And then when they felt it was safe enough to put him under, they did, and they were happy to discover that even though the outside of his ears were destroyed, his ear canals were intact.”

After only a week at the clinic, Alexay took Legend home with her.

Loving her time with Legend, Alexay, unfortunately, won’t be adopting him. Instead, the team at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC took Legend into their care. In no time, they’ll find the perfect family for him!

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