Dog Beaten, Severely Neglected and Left To Die In Trash Pile- Community Gathers Support

In a pile of trash at a community center in Pennsylvania, rescuers found a severely beaten pit bull.

Nikki’s Rubino had heard about a dog found in the trash at their local Rec Center.  She went to investigate and found Charlie tied to a piece of twine in the trash pile in a dumpster. “When we got there, he couldn’t even move, and I thought he was dead” – “I tugged on the small piece of string attached to his neck that attached him to a pole. He turned his head and gave me the saddest face,” Nikki said.

Nikki continued, ““I had to crawl onto the trash pile to get close to him and pet his head.  As soon as I gained his trust, I untied him and he surprisingly wobbled over to my car and crawled into the front seat.  It was like he knew he was safe.”

“It was like he knew he was safe.”

Nikki rushed Charlie to the Philadelphia Animal Hospital which was about 45 minutes away. A hospital spokesperson said,

 “Charlie is a very sweet dog and is in stable condition.”

It didn’t take long for people to start asking where they could send money in for Charlie’s care.  Graciously, the hospital said that they would be covering Charlie’s expenses but if anyone would like to contribute in honor of Charlie to donate to the City of Elderly Love.  Save a Senior Pet.

The Law Enforcement unit of the Pennsylvania Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animal is investigating this case. Let’s share and circulate this story.  Let’s help find the criminal who did this to innocent Charlie.

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