Dog Believed Dead Is Found 6 Weeks Later On A Mountain Starved Weighing 26 Pounds

For many people who lose a dog, at first, they look frantically for their canine friend.  They may post on social media and hang signs around where their dog was last scene.  But then there comes a time when you have to face the reality that your dog is gone forever. When it seems that way, people often move on.

This was the case for Larry Osborne of Mount Bross, Colorado who lost his dog named Chloe while on a walk.  Chloe ran away and never came back.  Osborne didn’t immediately give up hope but after several weeks passed he began to accept that he would never see his Chloe again.  There are many things that could kill a dog in Colorado, from vehicles to coyotes. This was what Osborne came to accept.

Trinity Smith

A hiker named Trinity Smith was out hiking when she heard barks coming from the mountain.  But when she looked, she saw nothing. She thought maybe it was a coyote. But she couldn’t get the barking out of her mind. She saw the post on social media about Chloe and decided to go back out with her friend, Sean Nichols and investigate further.

To their amazement, they found Chloe stranded on a mountain cliff.  If Chloe had moved in any direction she would have fallen to her death.  The two were able to reach Cloe and then carry her off the mountain.  Chloe was skin and bones from fending for herself for the 6 weeks. It’s amazing that she survived at all.

The first thing they did was get her water at the nearest convenience store.  The store’s owner recognized Chloe immediately.  Soon thereafter, Osborne was reunited with his long-lost friend.  It was a tearful reunion. Chloe wagged her tail when she saw Osborne.  He hugged his dog and sobbed tears of joy.

Trinity Smith

Smith and Nichols are true heroes to go back out to look for and rescue Chloe.  Had she been out there much longer it didn’t look like she would have survived?  Her normal weight of 90 pounds had dropped to a mere 26 pounds.  Thanks to Smith and Nichols she is now safe at home and on the mend.

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