Dog Breaks Through Fence So He Can Finally Meet His Next-Door Neighbor

There is no barrier strong enough to stop two friends from getting together. Obstacles can’t separate human friends. The same holds true for dogs. In one case that we will explore here, not even a fence could stop two dogs from getting together.

Bailey survived Hurricane Harvey and then was rescued and placed with a foster family in 2017. Her new family loves her very much. Bailey has also been blessed to have a dog brother to play with. But one day Bailey discovered that she also had a best friend in the next door neighbor’s new dog named Shep.

Tessa Llewellyn Holmes

Bailey and Shep would greet each other through the fence and try to find ways to interact.“They first really started noticing each other around May,” Bailey’s mom Tessa Llewellyn Holmes said. “It started with some digging, and I noticed they had each dug low enough to touch noses under the fence. They’d also run [along] the fence together when they were both outside. It was playful and fun.”

The dogs continued the friendship through the barriers of the fence, but they seemed to want more. “You could tell they wanted to meet,” Holmes said. “Bailey is very athletic and has also learned to jump into my 4-foot-high raised flower bed and peek over the fence at him.”

Tessa Llewellyn Holmes

Finally, The Fence Broke

One day, much to Bailey and Shep’s satisfaction, a board on the fence broke. Soon Shep was in Bailey’s yard playing with her. “We actually didn’t notice him in the backyard because I had the curtains closed,” Holmes said. “I heard a jingle that sounded different from Bailey’s collar so I looked outside and was surprised to see him.”

Tessa Llewellyn Holmes Tessa Llewellyn Holmes

Holmes let the two dogs play for three hours before taking Shep home to his human family. But the two weren’t ready to part ways. “I tried to put Shep back in his yard and prop the boards back up by leaning a big log against it, but he was back within five minutes,” Holmes said.

Tessa Llewellyn Holmes Tessa Llewellyn Holmes

Eventually, Holmes was able to get Shep to stay in. After talking with the neighbor family, it was decided that these two will have more playdates in the future. Because nothing should really separate a friendship. Not even a fence.

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