Dog Brings 'Gifts' Home Every Day, Owner Turns Them Into A Beautiful Piece Of Art

Sophie may look and act like a typical Maremma with her gentle giant ways.  Maremmas are a livestock guardian breed from Italy.  They are known for their intelligence, loyalty, athleticism, and beauty.

Pam Stone

Although Sophie has all of those attributes she is anything but typical. Sophie has a special quality that makes her stand out from the others. She loves to bring her human mom gifts at any time, anywhere, whenever she feels the inclination to give.

Gifting is what humans do when we go to special celebrations like weddings and birthdays. It’s often an obligatory practice.  But to receive a present given from the heart for no occasion at all is what Sophie does best.

Pam Stone, Sophie’s mom explains, “Sophie is a special example of generosity and has a gift of giving. Each day she comes to greet us from the pasture. Up she comes with a smile that moves her whole body.  Wiggles and smiles the whole way…and carrying the gift.”

Pam Stone

Some days Stone explains the gift could be a bird feather and other days it’s a branch. But Pam says that no matter what it is, it’s always a “specially selected gift.”

Pam Stone

Stone happily receives Sophie’s gifts and does what most doting moms would do. She saves them.  But she doesn’t just tuck them away in a drawer.  She displays Sophie’s gifts by adding to a display that she keeps in her home.

Pam Stone

“The picture of the pile of stuff is this year’s beautifully selected pieces of Sophie’s heart that she shares with us, that we cherish,” Stone proudly said.

Pam Stone

Perhaps the famous philosopher, Seneca said it best when he said, “A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the attention of the giver or doer.”

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