Dog Chained Up And Forced To Eat Rocks In Order To Survive Steals Heart Of Her Rescuer

An Arkansas man was keeping more than 90 dogs in his small house and using them for breeding purposes. The dogs that lived there were kept in unsanitary and crowded conditions. Some had no access to food or water. Thankfully, this man was turned in and the dogs have been confiscated. The dogs are now being taken care of by the Humane Society of the United States.

One of the volunteers with the rescue, Amanda Gossom took a special liking to one of the dogs named Zoey. Or maybe it was the other way around, with Zoey taking a special liking to Amanda. However the relationship started, one thing is for sure and that is that the feeling is mutual between Amanda and Zoey. Amanda has not only befriended Zoey but she has taken her into her home forever.

Zoey’s Story

Zoey had a very hard and limited life before Amanda took her in. She was chained to a tree full time. All that surrounded her was rocks, so Zoey had nothing to do. Because she was hungry and bored, Zoey would eat the rocks. Of course she got no nutrition from the rocks, but instead broke off many of her teeth. The teeth that aren’t chipped are mostly missing.

Amanda most likely saved Zoey’s life. A dog can not live for too long being malnourished. Also, a life without love in it is no life for any creature, especially not for a sweet dog like Zoey. Thankfully, Amanda came into Zoey’s life at just the right time.

Take a look at the rescue story of Zoey in the following video. Make sure to share it with friends who appreciate the love of a dog. Sadly there are many more dogs out there like Zoey just waiting to be rescued. All creatures deserve to live a dignified life with food, water, shelter and most of all with being shown love and compassion.

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