He Cried Everyday For Years–Someone Finally Heard His Call For Help

Human company and food tend to keep people happy and alive. Now, imagine a life with no human touch and eating food that has been tossed on the ground.  You’d probably find yourself crying a lot too.

In this video, a poor dog lived that life of hell. Looking into his eyes, it’s easy to see how sad he feels and it breaks our hearts to know he’s gone through this. Giving up, he accepted that this was how his life was and nothing would change. How could someone treat this poor pup this way? He’s supposed to be in a loving home with warmth, food, and love. Not in a rusted cage stuck out in the elements.

Falling asleep crying yet another night, yearning for the life a dog should have, the pup knows nothing of what is about to come. Someone decided to step up and do something to help him.

Howl of a Dog rescue group set out to save this dog. At first, the dog felt scared because he had no idea they were there to save him. He didn’t know what to expect if they were friend or foe.

The group broke away the rusty old fence and took him off for medical treatment.

Fleas and open wounds covered his body. They treated his injuries and gave him a nice warm bath, something he never felt before. We bet it felt pretty good!

Continuing medical care, nutrition, and love, the company brought the dog back to perfect health. The dog, now named Arkin, began to blossom into an awesome dog. He’s now happy, healthy, and in a loving home. Way to go Arkin!

Watch the video below to see more of Arkin’s journey!

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