Dog Dad Spends Hours Making Remarkable Pumpkin For His Pup, The End Result Is Amazing

Andy Manoloff has a talent for creating intricate jack o lanterns.  He’s been carving out pumpkins for about 8 years.  But this year he wanted to do something to show his love for his Pomeranian,  Sophie.  The result is absolutely stunning!

“It is something I look forward to every year, and each year I challenge myself to do something new and more difficult or different than the previous year,” Manoloff said

First he chose his model.  Sophie is just one of Manoloff’s dogs.  After choosing his subject, he carefully drew her face on the pumpkin.

Then he took an X-Acto knife and began to carefully carve out every detailed of Sophie.

Not lacking at all in the creativity category, Manoloff also became creative in choosing his tools for this most special project.  “I use an X-Acto knife for almost everything,” he said.  “However, due to the need to carve so much hair, I also employed the use of some basic clay sculpting tools.”

For the next 3 hours he worked on the masterpiece.  “I’ve been doing these super-detailed pumpkins for about 8 years,” he said.  “I enjoyed carving every Halloween as a kid and just kept getting more and more detailed over the years.”

The process is pretty cool in itself, but the end result is simply stunning!

Just Look At The Resemblance

Look at this other Halloween creation that Manoloff has created of Batman.

You might want to also check out his other adorable dogs.  He dresses them up at Halloween.  This past year he dressed them up to look like superheroes.

I hope you enjoyed this article with incredible photos of Monoloff’s pumpkin creations.  If this has inspired you to get out your carving knife and make a pumpkin creation of your special pet, we’d sure enjoy seeing what you’ve created.  Make sure to share a photo in the comments section.

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