‘Thinnest Dog Ever Seen Alive’ Somehow Beat The Odds And Now Is Searching For A Forever Home


A starved dog was found in the empty council house in Accrington, England. Nina, the RSPCA inspector said that the dog was the “thinnest dog ever seen alive”.  The poor dog was skin and bones and also unable to walk. When he was taken to a vet he collapsed of weakness. He could not even lift his head.


Facebook/Rspca Lancashire East

The dog later named Walter was so hungry that he ate batteries and glass. Pieces of batteries and glass the size of 50-cent pieces were found in his feces.


The rescue took place just in time. Any more days in this condition and the dog would have surely died. “All of the bones in his body were visible, he was covered in urine and his nails were overgrown. I believe poor Walter had been confined somewhere out of sight, eating whatever he’s been able to get in his mouth, perhaps a garage or a shed,” Nina said.


Amazingly, Walter has made an incredible recovery thanks to the foster family that nurtured him. He gained weight and was able to play and run with another dog and some cats.


Facebook/Rspca Lancashire East

Walter Is Playful And Has a Lot Of Energy


Walter is now healthy enough to be ready for adoption. His foster family describes him as a sweet and loving boy who enjoys food. “He has a wonderful energetic personality and lots of character. At home, he likes to keep you company and enjoys taking long naps cuddled up to you.”


Walter is energetic and playful around other dogs. He is playful and has a lot of energy to blow off especially around other dogs. The RSPCA is recommending that Walter goes to a home with older children or no children due to his energy level. Walter is house trained and travels well. He also walks calmly on a leash.



“He has had a bad start in life and would benefit from an experienced owner that can continue training and provide a balanced home for him to adapt to,” RSPCA posted.


Walter is neutered and up to date on vaccinations. If you are interested in adopting Walter please contact the RSPCA on 01254 231118.



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