Dog Was Deemed “Unadoptable” And Set For Euthanasia But He's Getting A Second Chance At Life

Many animals are lucky enough to find their forever homes and getting to leave shelters. Ghost’s story takes this to a new level!

At three months old, Ghost was found homeless in Florida. On top of that, those who found him discovered that he was deaf. Though this pup’s eyes are sweet and his fur is beautiful, he was thought to be unadoptable.

Ghost had a combination of other traits that did not help as well. He had high levels of energy and was indifferent toward people. Adding in deafness did not help this as people might think he can’t be trained.

Ghost was scheduled for euthanization, until Swamp Haven of St. Augustine, FL stepped in. Swamp Haven was certain that Ghost deserved a chance at life, and reached out to rescues across the United States. Their hard efforts were rewarded when they found a rescue willing to take Ghost: Washington’s Olympic Peninsula Humane Society in Port Angeles.

How A Trainer Changed Ghost’s Life

This rescue had an ace up their sleeve: Barb Davenport. Davenport, an avid dog trainer, has been a savior for dogs thought to be troubled pets. She’s been training dogs since she was only ten years old! Though she learned a lot about showing dogs at a young age, she shifted her focus to working with the K-9’s after having enlisted in the Army. Since 1979, Davenport has trained some of the most challenging dogs.

Davenport loves taking in dogs that have difficulty finding forever homes and gives their lives value in their community. Davenport has trained over 450 dogs, many of which now work and are employed K-9s.

Further, all of the K-9s of the Washington State Department of Corrections were once shelter dogs. Davenport saw this potential in Ghost, just as she had in so many other pups before him.

Ghost finished training with his new handler, Joe Henderson, who worked with Davenport to develop a series of signals to train Ghost. His high energy and indifference toward people makes him a prime candidate for drug contraband detection. This new life will allow Ghost to release this energy!

Ghost once thought unadoptable, now has a bright future ahead of him, thanks to the rescuers who were willing to give him a chance!

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