Dog Was Dragged Over A Mile–When Rescuer Discovered What Happened He Did The Right Thing

For a few years, Michelle Cooley and Mariner Hawkins worked to make homes for neglected or homeless dogs. Usually, they find these dogs scavenging for food during their hikes in Kaaawa, Hawaii. Some they found hiding under bushes. Some hid in dumpsters.

While they couldn’t save all of their lives, finding homes for the others made them ecstatic. For Blackberry, this dog suffered because of a very uncommon accident.

When a man found him, he placed him in the back of his truck to drive him home. The man tied the leash onto a hook in the bed of the truck.

At some point during the ride, the dog now named Blackberry flew over the edge, still being attached to the leash. Dangling from his neck, he struggled to touch the ground beneath him.

In an attempt to stop himself, he crouched. Unfortunately, the road ripped and tore up his paws.

Giving up hope of keeping up, he fell on the side and skidded along the ground.

The truck stopped almost a mile after. By that time, both his paws and nails ripped off. He had scrapes on his hips so deep you could see muscle tissue.

With no intentions of harming Blackberry, the man felt horrible for not seeing or hearing the dog’s fall. After seeing the injuries, he gave him over to KK9R. Desperately, they tried to come up with enough money to care for the dog.

Shannon Hammel, a volunteer, placed all her time and energy into the healing of Blackberry. She took all measures needed over the course of weeks: dripping his paws in iodine, cleaning out his hip wound, and changing the bandages.

After quite some time, he began recovering. He started to return to the happy pup we all knew he would be.

After falling in love with Blackberry, Hammel now is working on adopting him.

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