Dog Is Ejected From Car Then Disappears, Owner Is Devastated Sends a Plea To Social Media

Tom Deter’s can’t help but get emotional when he talks about the night that he lost his dog, Zen in a car crash.  Zen was ejected from his vehicle when a vehicle traveling next to them blew a tire. Tom was unhurt but realized immediately that Zen was missing.

“I knew I was fine, it just didn’t matter, because I was like, ‘Zen’s gone!” Deters recalls.  Deters called local shelters but no one had seen nor heard of his missing pit bull.  With nowhere else to turn, Deter’s posted a plea for help on Social Media.  Deter’s posted this very emotional video begging for help on Social Media.

Deter’s video and other posts with information about the missing Zen were shared many times. Though it did not look promising, Deter’s held on to the hope that he would find his beloved dog again.  Friends had told Deters that they found each other the first time and they will find each other together again.  Deter’s believed and hoped that would be the case.

Incredibly it wasn’t long after his postings that Deter’s got a call from a local gas station that said they had Zen!  When Deter found out that his sweet Zen was ok and waiting for him, he could hardly wait for the reunion.  Just the fact that Zen was alive after being in an accident in 8 lanes with traffic rushing by is incredible in itself.  Deter’s calls Zen’s whole testimony a “total God moment.”

Reunited At Last!

Watch as the two friends are reunited again.  You can feel the love shared between Deters and Zen without any words needing to be spoken.  This is one of the most beautiful videos that I have ever viewed.  I couldn’t watch it without shedding a tear. Thank God that the two were reunited again.

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