Dog enjoys an incredibly rare friendship, the two are beyond adorable.

If you are a lover of all things cute, sit back and enjoy this cuteness overload. Captured on video for all to enjoy is a dog playing with a prairie dog.

Dogs and prairie dogs are both social creatures, so the fact that they are interacting is not unusual. What is unusual is that prairie dogs especially are known to socialize with their own kind, not dogs. In the video, you will see the dog lovingly nudging the prairie dog. The prairie dog uses his front feet to hug and push the dog back.

The claws on a prairie dog are very sharp; however, this little guy is not using his claws to inflict harm. Much like cats play with their humans, this prairie dog is not inflicting any harm on him. The dog is being very gentle with his little friend. A dog of that size is easily capable of biting, shaking and quickly killing a prairie dog.

Check out these two adorable friends playing and read more about prairie dogs below!

Prairie dogs live in close family groups called “coteries.” Most coteries consist of an adult male along with adult females and their young offspring. Several coteries make up a “ward”, much like a neighborhood. Several wards make up a “colony”, also known as a town.

Complex networks of tunnels with multiple opening make up a prairie dog home. The entrances to the burrows sit high off the ground, making them easy to spot. Tunnels contain separate spaces, or rooms for sleeping, raising youngsters, food storage and waste elimination.

Prairie dogs communicate by using a complex system of vocalizations including high pitched warning barks to signal danger to the colony. Danger most often means a potential predator has been sighted.

If you found this video with information about prairie dogs interesting, make sure to share it with a friend. There can never be too much cuteness in the world.

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