This Dog Goes Into An Epic Howling Session Over What He Loves The Most

This video will have you howling with laughter, though perhaps you’d feel differently if this dog lived next door to you. Maybe…it depends on how much you like howling dogs. The reason why though is a bit unexpected and hilarious.

The Deets On This Howling Pup

Lots of dogs howl at the moon. Some dogs have even howled at the snow, or just to enjoy making the sound. Others howl to communicate with other dogs or with their humans. Quite often their howl is adorable when they are angry at you for something or they’re trying to communicate. Either way, it can either be pretty funny or pretty obnoxious depending on your take of it.

But this pupper is so in love with his squeaky toy that he sings about it every morning. The downside? He chooses to serenade his toy around 7 am each day. Well instead of a rooster waking you up we’d rather have a hilarious howling dog wake us up. We did some research and it appears this dog is a Samoyed for anyone wondering what breed he is.

Still, it’s pretty cute. Imagine loving a toy so much that you sing about it every day when you get to play with it. It’s like a kid getting exactly what he wants for Christmas and telling the world about their joy.

See For Yourself

Or should we say hear for yourself? But you can see him at the same time. Join this dog’s neighbors, and his owner, and be the audience for the daily morning concert. Check out the video below!

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Source: Squeaky toy sends dog into epic howling session by BenWhite

Source: Squeaky toy sends dog into epic howling session by BenWhite

Images Source: Pixabay

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