Dog Experiences Pure Joy When Owner Puts Toilet Paper On Ceiling Fan

People often speculate if cats are entertained by humans or is it the other way around. Some humans will go to great lengths to entertain their cats, while their cats could care less. Such was the case for Natalee Salvador and her cat Merlin.

Natalee Salvador

Salvador saw an idea on Facebook that involved stringing toilet paper down from a fan for a cat to play with. She tried it but Merlin wasn’t impressed. So she left the toilet paper on the fan for the time being and went about her business.  But then Salvado noticed that her 6-year-old English Bulldog dog Bentley was very interested in the toilet paper.

Natalee Salvador

“Bentley always overreacts to any little thing that is different than his usual ‘norm,’” Salvador said. “He goes after our vacuum … he gets startled if I move the barstool too fast. So really anything that bothers him he will react to and it’s pretty funny.”

Bentley’s Moves Were Hilarious To Watch

“He was twirling and hopping and I was just like, ‘Wow,’” Salvador said. “I don’t usually let him jump like that due to the fact I don’t want him hurting himself but … I couldn’t stop laughing. He is such a happy boy.” But soon she thought that she better take the toilet paper down, or he would never stop trying to get it. Bentley most likely would have tired himself out and maybe hurting himself in the process of trying to get that toilet paper off the fan. “He would’ve kept going if it stayed up,” Salvador said.

Natalee Salvador

When Bentley isn’t reacting to the world around him, he is a mellow fellow. In fact, one of his favorite things to do is to just chill out with his human mom. “He thinks he is a lap dog,” Salvador said, “but he weighs 54 pounds.”

Natalee Salvador

Take A Look At Bentley Trying To Get The Toliet Paper

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