This German Shepherd Let Out A Fart–Her Reaction Is Hysterical

The age-old saying goes: whoever smelt it, dealt it. But what if you smell it and don’t realize you dealt it. Did you actually still deal it?

This seemed to be the confusing case for this 7-month-old white German Shepherd pup.

As a pup with a lot more growing up to do, Lucy still needs to experience quite a bit.

With years to make her mark on the world, Lucy managed to make quite an impression in a short seven months.

Her 30-second clip below already has over one million views on YouTube.

The owner Kayla Eggers posted it with the comment:

“What a lady.

To my own amazement, I was able to capture a video of my 7-month-old white German Shepherd Dog, Lucy, experiencing one of her many, MANY farts that day. I was laughing SO hard (as you can hear in the video) that I decided to share it on Facebook. It got a few likes and some great comments, so I decided to post it on youtube. Let the world see this so that as humans we can all rest our minds knowing it’s perfectly acceptable to blame the dog.”

Take a look at the clip below!

Note: This dog is perfectly fine. No bloating, no diet problems. She was just a bit gassy that day.

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