Dog finally gets to go home with his favorite volunteer

Animal shelters can be a great halfway point between the streets and animals’ futures. However, while pets await their new families, the process can be extremely difficult. Many pets that go through this process often times fall into depression and anxiety. Waiting too long for a family can be sad.

For Bubba Jr., it was getting to that point. He had been in the Lewis & Clarke Humane Society in Helena, Montana for a total of 94 days. Bubba Jr. was beginning to get hopeless with finding a new home. Until one particular afternoon, when one of his favorite volunteers brought him to the front desk.

Many volunteers enjoyed Bubba Jr.’s personality. Even though he could not find a home, a lot of the staff felt as if he was their own dog. But one of his favorite volunteers needed to go the extra mile for Bubba Junior. So he decided to bring him home with him.

Lewis & Clarke Humane Society posted this on their Facebook:

Dear Diary,

It’s Bubba Jr. again. It’s day 94 here at the shelter and something feels a little different– my favorite volunteer came in for our daily walk and snuggles, that was pretty normal. But then we did something different; my staff friends brought me up to the front desk! I never get to go there and it was fun. They all started giving me kisses and pats and saying “Good Bye,” they are silly, I’ll see them tomorrow.

Now that Bubba Jr. has a real home, he is no longer sad. Although he does miss his shelter friends, he knows that this life is the best thing for him, especially because he has such an awesome owner. Moving forward Bubba Jr.’s owner hopes to

take him on lots of fun adventures.

Please think about adopting a pet from a shelter. So many animals do not have homes. They are desperate. Make sure to share this to bring awareness to the shelter pets!

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