Golden Retriever Finds Her Owner Paralyzed In The Snow

Obviously, we all hear stories about dogs saving their owners’ lives. These stories are everywhere, and some of them might surprise you. Not all of them are about guard dogs or service dogs.

Fierce loyalty and unconditional love seem to be recurring traits of all dogs, whether or not they’ve been trained to be this way.

A man in Michigan, Bob, sat watching TV on New Year’s 2016 waiting for the ball to drop.

During a commercial break, Bob noticed the flame was going out in his fire. He made the decision to head out to get more wood.  He went in his slippers which wasn’t a good choice and fell.

In fact, it wasn’t just a fall he had instantly broken his neck.

Bob became paralyzed. He became unable to move. He lay there helpless in the freezing cold wondering how he would survive.

His closest neighbor who lives about a quarter mile away couldn’t hear his cry for help. However, his golden retriever Kelsey did.

Immediately, Kelsey rushed to her owner’s side. She barked as loud and as much as she could.

Still, no help came. Kelsey continued.

Kelsey barked and howled for 20 hours! She lied on top of him to keep his body warm.

Eventually, Bob lost consciousness, but Kelsey did not give up.

Finally, the neighbors heard and responded.

Luckily, the doctors reversed the paralysis. Bob is not only alive, but he is walking!

Bob acknowledges his heroes as his neighbor and his furry faithful friend who never left his side.

Watch the video below to see this amazing story unfold before your eyes.

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