Dog Loses Her Litter After Abuse–She Has A Touching Way of Coping

Dog’s are excellent mothers.  Like human beings, they form a special bond with their young when they are born.  When they lose a litter, it can be devastating on the mother.

A dog in Atlanta is suffering from the loss of her litter.  Although grieving, she has found some comfort in a litter of stuffed animals.  This pseudo litter seems to be helping her through her loss.

Kiah was found by the Cherokee County Humane Society in Atlanta after she was found wandering the streets and extremely pregnant.  Vets found signs of abuse as well, Kiah has been shot at some point during her time on the streets.

The vet performed an emergency C-section to remove her puppies because he had discovered the puppies were dead in her belly for several days.  This was the only way to save her life.

The name Kiah means “new beginning.”

Caroline Claffey, the woman who is fostering Kiah, said the toys make Kiah feel better but “her spirits are still low.”  I can only imagine how the dog must feel.  More than likely these pups were the only thing she had to look forward to in life.

There are many stories of dogs “adopting” other animals like cats, pigs, and even chickens after losing their young.

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