Dog Found With Broken Jaw And Starving–Watch Her Miraculous Transformation

When seeing an animal who hasn’t moved for days, it’s clear that something is seriously wrong. In India, someone decided to do something about it. After receiving a call about a stray dog who stayed in the same spot for two days, Animal Aid Unlimited set out to see what the problem was. It turns out; the dog didn’t eat because of its broken jaw. Lying there in pain and suffering was all she could do.

Immediately, rescuers drove her back to their facility for attention. Too weak to stand, they laid the dog on the table. After examining her jaw, they realized a few teeth were broken as well. To help the fractures, they put a wire around her jaw. The wire helps her control her jaw so she can eat again.

Doing this, she could now eat again easily, but not quite pain-free yet. Because she was eating, she gained back her strength and started making a miraculous recovery. Without surgery, she would never have been able to eat again. She would have died in that spot, alone, starving, and scared. Rescuers are not sure how the dog ended up with a broken jaw, but from her condition, she was a stray.

Because of a massive influx of donations, they could rescue this pup and nurse her back to health. They named her Dory. Take a look at Dory now!

In such a short time, Dory came a long way from almost dying of starvation. Her story is amazing, and we applaud Animal Aid Unlimited for everything they do in India.

If you’d like to donate or help Animal Aid Unlimited continue to rescue helpless animals across India, you can do so here.

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