Dog Found With Chain Around Tail And Covered in Ticks Now Gets Second Chance at Life

Life as a stray dog is never easy.  With no caretakers to look after them, each stray has to find its own food, water, and shelter every day.  Some survive day to day like this.

Sometimes problems arise that are very simple for a human to solve quickly, but left unattended the problem can escalate to a major injury or life threatening condition.

For one unfortunate stray dog, a chain on her tail for too long meant that her tail painfully swelled up several times its size.  Add into this condition that she was literally covered in ticks. Her blood was so thin because of all of the ticks sucking the life out of her.  Had she not been found by an Orphan Pet Volunteer she would have most likely died a painful death.

Thankfully, though the dog was found and brought in to the shelter at Orphan Pet to receive immediate care.   The chain had been around her tail so long that the tail could no longer be saved so it was amputated.  Then the ticks were removed one by one.  The process of carefully removing each one in its entirety took a whole week.  The rescue did not give up on this sweet girl but instead poured out love and medical care to her.

Now named Blossom and adopted into a loving home, the transformation is incredible to see. From barely hanging on to life, to now running around and playing with a healthy and glistening coat.  Blossom’s story truly is incredible. Thanks to the volunteer at Orphan Pet who found her and the staff that rehabilitated her, Blossom now has the life that all dogs deserve.

Watch this video of Blossom go from near death to thriving in her new home.

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