Dog Found Living Outside Discovers Pillows Are Literally the Best Things Ever

Of course, we all know that we love to spoil our favorite pets. These days in the United States it’s pretty common amongst animal lovers everywhere to shower our pets with gifts and adoration. However, some animals aren’t lucky enough to have a successful life right away. Sadly, some four-legged fur babies have such a rough start to their lives that simple things like pillows end up seeming like the ultimate luxury item.

We want you to meet a dog named Juniper. See, she fell head over heels in love with everything soft and comfy after her rescue.


Juniper and her siblings had it pretty rough in the beginning. Rescuers found the poor things all alone in the woods in Alabama when they were just tiny puppies.

The people that located the puppies said it appeared as though the mama gave birth in the woods somewhere. The litter of babies spent their first weeks of life all alone there after the mama abandoned them as well.


Eventually, a rescue organization called Brown Dog Coalition took in the puppies. That’s how Juniper’s parents found their brand new baby girl.

“After we saw her photo, we couldn’t resist,” said Rich Droser, Juniper’s dad.


Currently, Juniper is nearly two years old.

Of course, Juniper loves all the typical “dog stuff,” like playing outside and hanging out with her family.

However, her parents noticed early on that those things aren’t quite her favorite. In fact, Juniper’s very favorite thing in the world is a pillow and a soft blanket.

“She imagines she is a lapdog, so she hangs out with us all the time,” said Juniper’s dad. “We’ll throw blankets and whatever else is on the sofa on top of her sometimes too. Depending on how tired she is, things can just pile up o her until she gets too warm, or food comes out.”

So, one day after a nice long walk, the family tried a new tactic. After placing several pillows on top of Juniper without any reaction at all, they decided to double down.

Amazingly, after seven whole pillows, Juniper still didn’t budge an inch.

Of course, Juniper eventually “escaped” from her pillow prison. Though, not until she took quite a lengthy nap.

Apparently, everyone is having a nice, soft, fluffy, pillowy good time over at the Droser house for one fortunate four-legged fur baby named Juniper. You can follow along on all of Juniper’s adventures on Instagram if you want.

Featured Images from juniper.tonic via Instagram (R) and juniper.tonic via Instagram (L) 

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