Dog Gets An Amazing Transformation After Living Under A Bed For Years And Finally Finds A Good Home


Lionheart was forced to live under a bed for 2 years of his life. He was seven-years-old when his owner surrendered him to to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Richmond, Virginia this past April. Thanks to the staff at the SPCA, Lionheart’s neglectful past is behind him forever.



The staff at the SPCA said that Lionheart was “one of the most shocking cases of neglect” they had ever seen. Robin Starr, the organization’s CEO saw firsthand how bad off Lionheart was. “I saw him when he first arrived, and I could not tell which was the front end and which was the back end,” said Starr. “You couldn’t see anything. I am sure he was in great discomfort.”


Lionheart’s body was covered in mats, feces, and urine.  All of the matted fur kept him from doing normal activities. He couldn’t see, eat, walk or do much of anything easily. Everything was an effort. And sadly he lived this way for a very long time.


“We realized what a terrible case of neglect it was,” Starr said. “We realized how badly this little dog needed us, so we took him in immediately.”



Lionheart Was In Such Bad Condition That He Needed to Be Sedated To Have His Fur Shaved


When Lionheart arrived at the SPCA, he was in great hands. The first thing that was done to help him was to shave his matted fur off. Because his fur was so badly matted, he needed to be sedated. While he was sedated, they also clipped his nails. The whole procedure took a few hours. Once the weight and discomfort was gone, Lionheart was a “different dog.” He could now show his true personality instead of hiding under the filth and discomfort.



The veterinarians that worked on Lionheart found that he also had hookworms and skin sores. The staff at the Richmond SPCA team worked tirelessly to help Lionheart in all ways that they could.



In conclusion, all of the efforts paid off for this sweet little dog. And to top it off, he received the home that all dogs deserve. “We are happy to announce that Lionheart is now in a loving, lasting home. We wish him and his guardian many years of happiness,” The Richmond SPCA said.




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