Dog Given Up Because She Was “Too Big”, Then Escapes Euthanasia 4 Times It Was Incredible

Clover, a 5-year-old Pit Bull Mix was given up by her family and turned into the Manhattan Area Care Center with the reason being that she got too big.

When Clover arrived at the shelter she initially seemed to be doing ok, but things quickly deteriorated for her with the noise and stress of going from a home to living in the shelter. The co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock, Stacey Silverstein explains, “Initially when she came into the shelter, she was good. But let’s be honest. A shelter is a very, very scary place. There are tons of dogs there. It’s loud, it’s scary, it’s unfamiliar. Clover was a family dog, so obviously she was very shell-shocked.”

Though Clover remained friendly with humans, she was becoming cage and dog aggressive. Things were not looking good for Clover’s chance of survival.

Silverstein said “She was doing really poorly in the shelter”

Her behavior was deteriorating quickly. She was cage-aggressive, and they couldn’t put her into a playgroup with other dogs. She was giving the shelter a really hard time, and they just really wanted her out.” Clover was placed on the euthanasia list four different times.

Somehow her life was spared all 4 of those times “Someone there was her guardian angel. She was very lovable and warm, and the staff really took to her,” Silverstein happily reports.

After the 4th time of missing being euthanized, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC had found a foster home for this sweet dog. The man that took her in as a foster believed he could help her, and he did. Her demeanor totally changed once she was out of the shelter and in his care.

So glad that she was adopted and now can relax and enjoy life.

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