Dog Goes Missing While Dad Is Rescuing Hurricane Victims, They Found Her 50 Miles Away

Chelsea Kasper never expected to see a large dog walking through the Sam Houston National Forest. She wasn’t moving fast until she seen Chelsea.  She called her and she came running.

The forest was about 50 miles outside of Houston.  I said, ‘Puppy, come here,’ and she ran right over. She was so excited. She was jumping on me and licking me.”Kasper explained.

Kasper waited for her human to show up, but no one did.  Not wanting to leave the dog alone, she packed the big dog in the front seat of her car.  She checked the dog for a tag that would indicate who she belonged to. There was no tag.  “But she was so friendly and well-behaved, she had to have an owner,” Kasper said.

Kasper started the drive home to Forth Worth with the big friendly dog.  First, though, she stopped to get her a hamburger and french fries, at a fast food restaurant.  On the ride home, she called two vets and also numerous animal shelters.  “All the shelters were overwhelmed with dogs displaced by the floods,” Kasper explained.

All hope was not lost, but it didn’t look promising.   Kasper placed the dog’s photo with info on her Facebook Page. Incredibly, the dog’s human, Trish Cranney saw the post and responded that she was her dog.  At the time Kasper was overwhelmed with the response and comments that she missed seeing the comment from Cranney. “Everyone was commenting. My Facebook was going crazy, I had no idea someone posted and said that was their dog,” Kasper recalled. A friend read the comments and told Kasper the news.

After some quizzing by Kasper to Cranney she realized that indeed this was her dog.  Cranney’s husband had been out helping people recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey when the dog ran off.  Kasper found out that the dog’s name was Angel and that she was much loved and missed greatly.

Reunited At Last

It all was worth the effort when Kasper got to witness Angel being reunited with the Cranneys.  She then truly knew how special this dog was to them.  Thankfully for Kasper being the compassionate person that she was, Angel is now safe and sound back home where she belongs.  Watch this beautiful reunion of Angel and her human.

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