Mailman Has A Letter Ready For Dog Who Greets Him Everyday – Even When There Is No Mail


One smart and adorable dog named Pippa in Australia collects the daily mail for her family every day. She waits for the postman and then takes the mail from him, but what happens when there is no mail for the family? No worries, because this kindhearted postman has improvised so that he doesn’t hurt Pippa’s feelings.



Martin Studer even writes notes for Pippa on days when the family doesn’t have any mail. He uses package slips so that Pippa has something to carry home to her family.


Studer decided to get creative so as not to disappoint the sweet dog. “Sometimes, Pippa comes out for the daily delivery but there’s no mail for her to collect,” Studer explained. “So I have to improvise.”



Pippa and Studer Have Become An Internet Sensation.


Studer shared photos of Pippa on Facebook, along with the notes that he writes her. If you thought that his posts have gone viral, you are correct. Who doesn’t love sweet stories like this? I bet his posts have cheered up many people. The world truly does need more people like Studer in the world.


Studer even captured Pippa taking the mail by taking photos of the sweet dog. Enjoy this adorable video that shows a series of photos that tell a beautiful story of a special relationship. It shows a precious daily interaction between a postman and one of his dogs on the route. Imagine if more people cared the way that Studer has for Pippa.



If you enjoyed this story, make sure to share it with a friend. Even if your friend isn’t known as an animal lover, they can still benefit from seeing this small but big act of compassion. Sometimes by sharing stories like this, others will feel the need to be kinder. And we all know that the world could use more kindness.





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